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Sunday 15 March 2015

Will 5G Revolutionize Your Business In 2020?

One of the main highlights at this year’s Mobile Congress World in Barcelona was 5G. 5G is the next development in mobile technology, but will 5G improve the way businesses are run or is it all just hype?

Commercial 5G is expected to arrive around 2020, with full deployment towards the middle of that decade. But what can businesses actually expect from 5G, will it really be worth making the switch from 4G?
  • It’s going to be ridiculously fast: we’re talking downloading an entire film in a second or video calling a client without any of the time delays or glitches.
  • Smarter technology: devices will have to become smarter in order to successfully run 5G. But we’re talking more than just smartphones and laptops, this includes everything from printers to washing machines. 
  • Increase in capacity: businesses will be able to connect all electronics to 5G, making the management of offices that much simpler. 
  • It won’t break: a network that “won’t break”? Improving reliability issues is one of the main pros of 5G. 
There are many significant issues that telco providers are currently addressing: one of the main issues according to Business Spectator is that “the success of 5G will have more to do with connected systems than the 5G technology as such. 5G will involve a range of industry sectors and can only be successful if the applications are built in partnership and in collaboration with those sectors.” This means that new business models will have to be introduced. 

One thing is certain. The capabilities of 5G will add a whole new dimension to what the mobile industry is all about, and how businesses will have to adapt to be able to run and use this new technology.

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