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Tuesday 10 February 2015

360ict’s No-Strings-Attached Managed Service Calculator Goes Mobile For The First Time

360ict has celebrated launching its new mobile-optimised site by implementing a managed service calculator that helps prospective clients to estimate just how much they can save by using a managed service plan.

To coincide with a brand spanking new look for their website, 360ict has implemented a brand new managed service calculator that can benefit all IT managers plus any Financial Directors, Managing Directors and Office Managers that don't have a dedicated IT manager.

“The people we work with are the lifeblood of our business and that was part of the thinking behind providing such a simple to use calculator for any clients, existing or new,” said Roy Charles, owner of 360ict. “Any visitor to the site can take advantage of the new calculator with no pressure to give away any information about themselves.”

360ict is aiming to make it easy for prospective customers to estimate exactly how much it costs to implement a managed service plan and clients can stay as anonymous as possible as you don’t have to sign up or enter an email address to use the service.

Depending on the results of the managed service calculator, customers can get in touch with 360ict to arrange for a follow up consultation based on those results.

Clients that decide to take the next step after using the calculator can benefit from the entire suite that come under 360ict’s managed service remit. Expert staff are on hand to fully manage your business IT, provide remote and on-site service, a rapid response within 15 minutes, resolution of existing problems, security monitoring and updates, and just about anything else a company might need.

360ict works with firms in London and the South East to provide cover-all-bases IT support for small and medium sized enterprises in need of some assistance on the IT side of things.

360ict provides managed IT services and support for SMEs in central London and the south-east, including London Victoria, Euston, Croydon and Bromley. For more advice on gaining competitive advantage as a mid-sized company, give us a call on 0208 663 4000 or head to our website


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