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Sunday 2 February 2014

Business Relocation and Your ICT

There are many reasons a company might relocate. The reason isn’t all that important to the process, so let’s move on. 
There are also many details you’ll need to get straight to make your business relocation a success. But before you worry about the details, think about some of the big-picture principles: continuity, efficiency and improvement. 


When your business moves, you don’t want to leave your customers wondering what’s happened. Ideally, they should barely notice the change to a new location. That means no letters delivered to the wrong address, no phone calls to disconnected numbers, no “we’re relocating and will get back to you next month”. 

If you can’t arrange total operational continuity throughout your relocation, seek help from relocation experts to make sure at least your business IT and communications systems are continuously available. The last thing you need is to complete your move and then discover you’ve left half your customers behind! 


There’s a right way and a wrong way to relocate a business. The wrong ways are almost unlimited, but the right way is always the same: with careful forethought and efficient organisation. The more effort you put into planning your relocation, the less effort it will take to implement your plans. 


For most businesses, a relocation is a chance to improve more than just your address or the size of your premises. 

This is the perfect opportunity to create a more productive working environment or a better-designed computer equipment room. It’s also your chance to make a fresh start in company culture and build a workplace that encourages conversations and collaborations. 

Business relocations offer so much opportunity – don’t let it go to waste. Make your new premises the best they can be for your business, and keep the lights on the whole way through your move, by consulting expert designers and technicians before you begin. 

360ict provides managed IT services and office relocations to SMEs in London and the South East. Call 0208 663 4000 for free expert advice on your next move.


  1. Last Monday we had a moving head acke with relocation of our office. It's take of us long distance moving in Miami Dade County, but we not upset, great service helped to us, with all our stuff, and saved our time on packing things, because they had an offer for free. That was a big advantage in our situation.

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