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Sunday 19 January 2014

Where in the World is Your Business IT Support?

With The Observer and The Guardian reporting business secretary Vince Cable’s admission that foreign companies are worried the United Kingdom might be preparing to leave the European Union, let’s turn the lens around and look at how the UK’s SMEs are affected by international politics.
Cable said there’s a 5% chance the UK will leave the EU — “highly unlikely” in his assessment of the situation. Prime Minister David Cameron opposes the idea, but Chancellor George Osborne has said that we’ll leave if the EU fails to reform, and Cameron has spoken of a referendum in 2017. 

The trouble is, the merest hint of a disruption like leaving the EU makes companies inside and outside the UK feel uncertain about their future plans. 

What About UK Business IT Support? 


On ITV News, Cable said that British businesses went too far with offshoring and are now moving back to UK-based manufacturers, supply chains and other service providers because “there is less uncertainty”. 

The same applies to your business IT support services: working with an IT services and support provider based in the UK is very different to calling halfway around the world when you need support. And if your IT support provider’s based close to your location, you can rely on them for on-site help as well as remote assistance. 

If you’re among the SMEs reconsidering their use of offshore IT support services, you’ll want to compare the costs and benefits of your offshore service provider to a UK business IT support service. Let us know what offshored IT services you’re using now and we’ll give you a straightforward cost analysis for the same services via a reputable UK provider (that’s us!). 

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