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Thursday 31 December 2015

Minister Outlines 5-Year Digital Plan for the UK

Image Credit: Digital Catapult Centre
Ed Vaizey has proposed many schemes to make the UK a "tech nation" including driverless buses and virtual reality teaching by Nobel laureates.

The Government's strategy for innovation in digital technology will take place over the next five years and all departments "across government" will be included. Speaking to the Times Ed Vaizey said:  "We want the UK to be synonymous with digital, a place where technology transforms day-to-day life.

"The potential impact is profound. It might mean that the best educators from around the world are made accessible to all - with virtual reality sets bringing Nobel laureates into the classroom. That we can build better houses, faster. That more power is given to to the patient, and the care we provide for our elderly and sick is improved and made more affordable.

"That we use driverless robotic buses in rural communities or help people to find parking places using GPS technology.

"When people want to start a digital business, trial new ways of working or invest in cutting-edge technology, we want them to choose the UK. This revolution is here to stay, and the UK as the 'Tech Nation' is the future we want to build."

Taking inspiration from London's Tech City, which is located in Shoreditch, the plan will seek to expand on it's success.

Self-driving cars have already been tested in the Greenwich, Milton Keynes and Coventry, but it remains to be seen when/if the tests will turn into workable options of the country's transport systems. 

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