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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

4 Technology Trends All SMEs Should Look Out For

Image Credit: Luxury Report Mag
Today every business uses some form of technology, but some companies are better at tracking and utilising new and upcoming technology that can transform their business for the better. 

These are exciting and fast moving times for SMEs, and businesses that start adopting evolving technology at an early stage will get the most benefits. So we’ve put together a list of key technology trends to watch out for:

1. The cloud

Cloud solutions take away issues around hardware costs and create a flexible, scaleable and cost-effective service by hosting on the internet. It also allows companies to utilise technology driven tools such as mobile, social media and big data. 

Translating your legacy on-premise applications into a cloud environment can be super easy when using an IT managed service provider.

2. NoSQL databases

If you continue down the cloud route you’ll find out about NoSQL databases, which are part of the larger enterprise big data movement. NoSQL is great for the unstructured data you find in mobile and social media, including video and audio. It’s agile, scalable and flexible, like other cloud based solutions, and it complements what relational databases can offer. 

3. Business sensors

Sensors provide a way for companies to learn about their business, employees and customers. The data collected can then be used to improve all areas of the company including sales and productivity.

Pegged among the “Internet of Things” that brings smarter “things” together, sensors and connected devices with analytics, security, data and integration platforms will transform areas of a business.

4. Don’t completely overlook software

There are many reasons why a lot of companies are moving entirely to the cloud, and there’s much hype in the media surrounding this technology, so it’s often easy to overlook advances being made in infrastructure and operations. The entire operating environment—server, storage and network—can now be virtualised and automated. Data centres of the future promise lower complexity and affordability.

Now businesses are looking at hybrid solutions: Look for an IT support company that can provide expert consultation on whether cloud computing services are best suited to your business, and can also implement a hybrid solution with cloud-based elements that work alongside your legacy systems.

360ict provides managed IT services and support for SMEs in central London and the south-east, including Croydon and Bromley. For more advice on gaining competitive advantage as a mid-sized company, give us a call on 0208 663 4000 or head to our website.


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