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Thursday, 16 July 2015

How to Free Your Business from Long-Term Telecom Contracts

In business, you have to react fast to stay competitive. Keeping up with technology is no exception.

The productivity benefits of up-to-date telephony tech are clear. When you can make and receive calls anywhere with an internet connection, via your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, it’s a lot easier to get more done in less time — no matter whether you’re in the office or travelling the world.

If you’re thinking about a technology upgrade or considering a relocation, though, there’s one common concern: how long will it take to make the change? 

Don’t get stuck waiting

Switching to a more cost effective service or supplier can take time, but if you’re looking to save money on the company phone bill or improve on an inadequate telephony system, you’ll want the changeover to be as swift and seamless as possible.

So, we think you’ll be pleased to discover 90 day online telephony terms with 360ict. Instead of holding you to a long-term contract, we’re happy to give you control over your telephony so you can upgrade or downgrade services, change provider, or even relocate your office without worrying about 12 or 24 month contract lock-in terms.

Have us replace your old-fashioned telephone systems with online telephony technology to take advantage of all its productivity features, from voicemail and call handling to conference calling and simultaneous ringing for teams. You’ll never be trapped in a long-term telephony contract again!

The ultimate benefit? This level of technology typically costs less than traditional PBX telephony, so your business saves money as well as time and effort. 

360ict installs and manages telephony solutions for SMEs in central London and the south-east. Call us on 0208 663 4000 to find out more about online telephony and get a proposal including our 90 day terms.


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