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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Get Doodling To Keep Your Phone Secure

Image credit: Wired
We all know that keeping our devices secure is essential in today's climate, with computer hacking and phone cracking starting to become the norm. 

However, a team at Rutgers University have developed the first ever "free-for gestures passwords", which lets people draw their passwords instead of using number combinations. This form of password security has a far greater number of combinations and variations compared to traditional passwords, making it harder to crack.  

Not only are doodle passwords more secure, they're faster than traditional passwords and easier to remember. 

91 people took part in the study where 347 text passwords and 345 gesture passwords, completing over 2,000 logins during the research were created. The team found that the participants spent 22% less time logging in and 42% less time creative passwords, and that overall they actually preferred the doodle passwords. 

Currently, the passwords will only work on touchscreen phones, but there's plans to extend the service to touchscreen computers and doors. 

We've been writing a lot about security recently, but it's really that important. If you're running a business, a TalkTalk style hacking is every CEO's worst nightmare. For more information on how to keep your company secure read our Top 6 Tips post.

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