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Thursday 29 October 2015

Will Russia Commit The Ultimate Hack?

Image credit: Gizmodo
Russia’s relationship with the rest of the Western world has been tense for quite a long time and recently they’ve done nothing easy concerns. A report from the New York Times states that Russia could be developing plans to sever key internet communications, which has sparked fresh worries and unrest throughout Europe and North America. 

The article reports that there has been a spike in Russian naval activity near the locations of undersea cables. Various military sources are concerned that Russia could sever these connections in future wars. The cables are vital to the internet’s daily running and carry huge amounts of data between continents. 

There are many thousands of miles of these cables under the world’s ocean, some in incredibly hard to reach areas. Would this be the ultimate hack? Is it even possible to bring down a country’s internet communications? 

Speaking to the BBC, Keir Giles from think tank Chatham House said “I very much doubt that anyone would think of cutting off the US. It is only going to work in locations where the internet geography is going to create a vulnerability in communications.” There are simply too many connections going in and out of the US to bring down the country’s entire system, however Mr Giles added that there are parts of the world where Russia could be successful.

There has been no evidence so far of any cable cutting, but there is major concern that Russia plans to halt internet communications in the future knowing that the West’s governments, economies and citizens are dependent on it. 

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